LBKM ( Lembaga Biasiswa Kenangan Maulid )

LBKM ( Lembaga Biasiswa Kenangan Maulid )

Developed in Nov/Dec 2012. Launched in January 2013. 2012 2012

Alhamdulillah. For the 3rd year we were engage by Islamic Religious Council of Singapore or MUIS to support them with the Ramadan campaign.

Besides developing managing the website, we were involved in conceptualizing the theme, the graphics that were printed, marketing and promoting the events on Social Media, Event coverage to Event Management and Execution.

Results for this year was also amazing as we have had more than 120,000 web views and more than 50,000 unique visitors to the site.

Ramadan 2012 Logo

Though the meetings started as early as March 2012, but the execution of plans undertook only in late May and that’s where we started getting our designers to prepare this years logo, posters, backdrops and so on.


Facebook Page

Since 3 years ago, the facebook page had grown to 6,800 followers and it has always been a joy to see it grow from year to year.

Overall the client had found the campaign that we ran to be effective and feedback on the ground have also been positive.   We hope to work with them for the next Ramadan.

The current website is still on until next year. Do visit

If you wish to run similar National Campaigns, do contact us for consultation.

Adzaan Consulting Pte Ltd

Adzaan Consulting Pte Ltd

This project was completed within 2 weeks as the client need it to be showcased in an exhibition. Its been a pleasure to work with them as they know exactly what they wanted and for us it was a dream task that was easily executed. We are to please to present the Adzaan Consulting Pte Ltd new website this 2012. Do visit to get to know this company. was developed for Sister Siti Su’aidah Salim as she is embarking her steps to promote Quran Classes and Spiritual Programs. Find our more about them here. 2011 2011

Given the success of Ramadan Portal in 2010, we were given the trust and opportunity to once again develop this site and create strategic online marketing campaign for the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. was built in Sept 2010. Integrated with the events listing engine from on a wordpress platform, the site allows for easy updating and informing the mosque’s jemaahs on the latest announcements.

Visit to view the full portal. was launched in June 2011 during the 70th Anniversary celebration of the Singapore Kadayanallur Muslim League. It features social media integration on a wordpress platform to align the league with the latest developments in online technology.

Visit to view the full portal.

Assyakirin Mosque was built by December 2010. It is integrated with the events listing engine from on a Joomla platform, with a fully functional forum and private staff only information area.

Visit to view the full portal. was launched on 5th November 2007 and has since grown from a simple website to now having more than 3,000 events listed on this portal and today has reached over 50,000 viewers a month.



WhiteskinUSA had a site revamp by us and it took quite a while to finish this website because of the several components like shopping carts and the editing of product images. Alhamdulillah after a long development period, this website is LIVE for everyone to see what services and products are offered.

Visit today.

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